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Ms. Amanda Nichole Moyer

Georgia Probate Lawyers Moyer LLC

While growing up as the oldest child of nine, I would often complain to my stepfather about the fact that things around me were not happening fairly. My sister got to pick what we ate for dinner when I did not. We weren’t allowed to have a dog while my friends could. His response was always the same: a “fair” is where you ride carnival rides, and life isn’t fair. But that answer never satisfied me. So, at the age of 16, I made a lifelong commitment to making sure things are done fairly when I decided to become a lawyer. I didn’t have any lawyers in my family, and I didn’t know anyone that was a lawyer. But I liked to read, write, and argue, and more than anything, I wanted to make sure that the things happening around me were fair. That was the beginning.



Hi, I’m Mandy Moyer, and this is the story about how I got started helping people through the legal processes surrounding the death or disability of a loved one. I know that these situations are some of the most difficult times in our lives. If you’re reading this and are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and in shock over the responsibility resting on your shoulders, know this: I’ve been there, I’ve helped many other people through it, and I’m here to help you through it, too.



In law school, I chose to dedicate my practice to helping families who have experienced death or disability. Countless hours of study, a couple of degrees and a bar exam later, and so began my law career.



In the beginning, I focused on helping individuals and businesses plan for the future, and life’s inevitable events. But my efforts stopped at the planning stage. After several years doing estate planning, though, I noticed something. Planning, while important, was something people could put off. Other situations, like a death in the family or Mom’s dementia diagnosis, required immediate action. But I wasn’t helping those people. Instead, I was referring those people and their pressing needs to other lawyers. It soon became clear – the “problem solver” in me (a required character trait when you are the oldest of nine!) realized that I wanted to be the one helping those families in their time of need.



So, I took a new job handling cases where a loved one had died, or a parent or grandparent’s illness had progressed to the point that action must be taken. I became a lawyer who helped families deal with these hard, life-changing events. I had a strong desire to help them. I had a ton of ideas about how to best serve my clients, how to advance their cases, and how to achieve their objectives. But I had little practical experience. And unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I could ask a lot of questions because there was not a lot of time for the other attorneys in the firm to teach me. The firm also had the traditional “one-size-fits-all” outlook on law practice, and frankly, “we’ve always done it this way” has never been enough for me. But the final straw was an unexpected event — the death of my grandfather. It was the first time I ever personally experienced the unexpected loss of a family member, and it hit me hard. My grief affected my work, and I felt overwhelmed trying to help my grandmother navigate the mess that’s left behind when a loved one passes away unexpectedly. (My grandfather had handled all of their finances and business affairs, so it was a whole new confusing world for my grandmother.) I now fully understood my clients’ complaints about the seemingly endless paperwork, the many legal complexities, and the burden of estate administration and estate settlement. My time at the firm soon came to a close, and I was so disheartened that I actually left private practice.



I spent the next several years serving as the staff attorney and chief deputy clerk for the Forsyth County Probate Court. Over time, I learned precisely how to navigate the probate process. Processes became clear. The complex procedural and legal issues involved in estate and guardianship cases became became routine to me, and the maze became a path that I now know like the back of my hand. I took all available opportunities to learn about case strategy, litigation tactics, and creative solutions. At some point, though, while reviewing pleading after pleading, petition after petition, to ensure that all the legal requirements had been met, I noticed something. There were a lot of lawyers doing the bare minimum for their clients. This made me mad! For one, the actions of a few lawyers reflected poorly upon all lawyers, and I had worked hard to join what I saw as a “noble profession” as a teenager. And then there was the fact that I saw their clients for what they were — grief-stricken people simply trying to navigate a confusing legal process to do right by their loved ones. I knew I could do better, and I got to work on my vision. The result of that process is Georgia Probate Lawyers Moyer, LLC, a law firm dedicated to providing responsive and compassionate representation to families dealing with the death or disability of a loved one. It’d would be my privilege to assist you and your family through this difficult time. When you’re ready, give me a call.