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Ms. Candice Devonne McKinley

C McKinley Law & Associates

Hard work, integrity, and a commitment to service are the guiding principles that serve as motivation and inspiration for Candice McKinley. With over 20 years of experience in education, law, and policy, Candice created C. McKinley Law, a black owned, women led law firm to give other minority women the opportunity to learn and grow as litigators while still having a life and family. As a first generation college and law school graduate she is the first lawyer in her family. She is a proud mother of two scholars who received their education in the DeKalb County Public School District. Candice’s family roots and passion for justice, reform, and equity---across racial, economic and quality of life divides---keeps her grounded to stay vigilant in pursuing and obtaining the desired results for her clients.


In 2020, Candice joined the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) as a legal-eagle in the Office of Legal Affairs and then transitioned into DCSD’s Office of School Innovation. This up close and personal experience has reaffirmed Candice’s students, and parents' advocacy, to do more to promote, support, and ensure schools as safe places to learn and thrive for all students. As a civil litigator and armed with her prior experiences in the private sector, specializing in the areas of civil rights, education, employment, and personal injury---Candice remains steadfast in identifying all opportunities to be engaged, an active participant in causing and effectuating change, reform, and activism.


Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Candice worked in the Atlanta Public School System as a first grade teacher in the Bowen Homes housing community. Following teaching, Candice co-developed a community based after-school program in the Vine City area. After leaving the classroom and earning her law degree, she relocated to Washington D.C. to work in the Office of Senator Michael F. Bennet on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB)/Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization. This experience sealed her fate to forever combine her passions for the law and high quality, sustainable education.


EDUCATION: Candice earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Spelman College, Teacher Certificate from Georgia State University Education Department, and her Juris Doctorate from Florida A&M University College of Law.


HOBBIES & FUN STUFF: Traveling to anywhere in the world is enjoyed by Candice the adventurer. She does, however, prefers destinations that have a warm climate and are near an ocean. Candice is a former triathlete and a current coach of the SBR Triathlon Team. And she is also the Vice Chair of the Georgia Bar Association Wellness Committee, and a certified Pilates instructor. 

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