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Christopher Beanland

Christopher "Beaner" Beanland is a graduate from Towson University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science.  Chris worked as a software engineer at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood Arsenal. Additionally, Chris was an IS II (Intelligence Special, Petty Officer second class) with the United States, Navy Reserves stationed at Navy Space Command, Dalhgren, Virginia. Chris EOD with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in January of 1995.  After succsessfully completing the FBI academy in Quantico, Virgina, Special Agent(SA), Christopher Beanland was assigned to the Atlanta Division, Rome Resident Agency (RA).  During his time at the Rome RA , SA Beanland worked any and all Federal violations in his nine county territory.  SA Beanland worked violent crimes (fugitives, bank robbery), white collar crimes(finacial institutional crimes), public coruption, drugs, kidnapping and parental kidnapping cases to name a few. During this time, SA Beanland became a member of the FBI Atlanta SWAT team as an operator. Additional certifications completed by SA Beanland are: FBI Firearms Instructor, FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor, Tactical Instructor and FBI Instructor Development Course (IDC)  certified.   Following the Sandy Hook Active Shooter critical incident, SA Beanland was one of fifty FBI Special Agents sent by the Obama White House to Austin, Texas, University of Texas to complete ALERRT "active shooter" training.  This was done to assist with training of local law enforcement officers nation wide.  SA Beanland was able to travel to much desired garden spots world wide to include but not limited to theater of wars in Bagdad, Iraq and Colombo, Sri Lanka. June 2005, Iraq,  SA Beanland was part of rotation thirteen to assist with preparing the Iraqi Tribunal for trial of the high value detainees.  SA Beanland took part in interviews with Ali Hassen Al-Majid (AKA Chemical Ali) and Tariq Aziz.  SA Beanland was a member of a team that traveled to Sri Lanka during that countries civil war with the Tamil Tigers.  The purpose of travel was for training and assisting the Sri Lanka National Police.  SA Beanland transfered to FBI Atlanta Headquarters where he took on the job of training coordinator and principle firearms instructor responsible for training and qualifing all FBI special agents in the State of Georgia.  SA Beanland retired from the FBI in 2016. He started his own business, Wolverine Consultants LLC as a Georgia certified private investigator and a process server.  Additionally, Chris continues to provide active shooter and situationall awareness training to civilians, local and national buisnesses. He also provides firearms training for civilians, VIP's and VIP protection as requested.  Chris is also a State of Georgia P.O.S.T. certified firearms instructor, deadly force instructor and a de-esculation instructor. Lastly, Chris is a technical advisor and armorer for the entertainment industry in Georgia and Pittsburgh, PA.   Chris currently lives in Altanta, Georgia with his wife, the honorable Supreme Court Justice, Shawn LaGrua.