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Ms. Christy Crowe Childers

Childers & McCain LLC

Christy Crowe Childers

NBTA Board Certified Attorney, Truck Accident Law

          From 2022-23 Christy was the Education Chair for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, she is the first woman in Georgia NBTA board certified in Truck Accident Law, and a founding partner of Childers & McCain. She has been helping truck wreck victims since 2005, when she graduated first in her law school class. Christy organizes the Mother Truckers Rally, an event where women lawyers from all over the country drive tractor trailers and share strategy. Last year's rally was in Montana and this year Christy took 32 people to Alaska, where she went dog sledding and landed on glaciers with attendees, taught classes in a Yurt and drove tractor trailers at the Alaska Driving Academy. While Christy specializes in helping the families of people hurt or killed by trucking companies and large corporations, she routinely consults with other personal injury lawyers across the nation and serves as trial counsel in a wide range of personal injury matters. Notably, Christy obtained nearly $8 million dollars for the life of a severely developmentally disabled adult by using the story writer’s mental model she has developed for trial lawyers, a subject on which she presents regularly.