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Mr. Darren M. Tobin

Tobin Injury Law

Growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid era, I witnessed firsthand a serious injustice: one race of people had inferior legal rights because of the color of their skin. At an early age, I learned that just because the legal system is one way, it doesn’t mean the system is always right.  Sometimes, I learned, you have to fight.  


I also learned the value of hard work at a young age.  My first job was dismantling heavy yogurt machines at TCBY and cleaning those machines at night, long after customers left. I was 15 years of age, earning minimum wage, and learning the meaning of hard work.


Hard work and attention to detail is what earned me an academic scholarship to the University of Georgia.  When I wasn’t studying or playing sports in college, I worked nights and weekends tutoring the University’s student-athletes, many of whom went on to play in the NFL. After I graduated magna cum laude with a double major, I attended the University of Georgia School of Law where I competed in Moot Court tournaments and served on the Honor Court.


In my current practice, I am the managing attorney at my law firm. Our firm has set some records:


  • Winning in 2022 a $100 million dollar jury verdict. That landmark verdict is one of the, if not the, largest verdicts ever recorded in United States history for a civil rights violation.


  • Setting a record for the highest settlement amount ever reached in a rural Georgia county when we resolved a case for $5.2 million.


  • In 2023 after three years of legal battle, I settled just before trial a disputed liability wrongful death trucking case for $22.7 million dollars. What I am particularly proud of with that case is that two other law firms turned the case down because the police report placed complete fault on the deceased victim. Despite the odds, my law firm accepted the challenge, proved the police report wrong, and secured one of the largest wrongful death settlements in the last decade.  


  • Winning in 2024 a $1.6 million jury verdict which set the record for the largest jury verdict in Georgia history for a bicycle-on-bicycle accident.


While I am proud of what my team and I have accomplished, what I am most proud of is my family. I love spending time with my wife and three sons, and enjoy coaching my boys in little league baseball, basketball, and soccer.


If you’d like to speak with me about a case you are working on, I invite you to email me at