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Ed Dubrovsky


Ed Dubrovsky is managing partner and COO at CYPFER and responsible for operations, strategy, and consulting services.

Over the past 3 decades, Ed Dubrovsky’s name has been synonymous with information security, Cyber breach response, risk management, cyber education, and entrepreneurship. As a practitioner and management executive (COO and CISO) Mr. Dubrovsky built and led cyber consulting practices in several organizations including successfully concluding an acquisition by one of the largest publicly traded global insurance services conglomerate.


Mr. Dubrovsky is responsible for helping thousands of victims across North America recover from some of the most devastating cyber-attacks including ransomware, business email compromises, extortion attacks, malicious insiders, and advanced persistent threats.

Mr. Dubrovsky’s passion is in developing organizational cybersecurity programs that fundamentally are structured to rapidly adapt to new threat actor tools, techniques, and processes using effective controls coupled with relevant intelligence.

When Mr. Dubrovsky is not busy helping clients, he can be found teaching at the York University’s cyber security program where he sits on the advisory board and acts as both a course developer, academic coordinator, and an instructor.


Mr. Dubrovsky holds several academic and industry certifications including BSc, MSc, MBA, OSCP and the CISSP designation (2002).

Mr. Dubrovsky is a well-known leader in the Cyber field and has authored numerous articles in the areas of offensive security, practical measures to protect organizations, contributed to many media articles and is frequently sought after to present at numerous media and industry conferences across the globe.