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Sen. Ed Setzler

Georgia Senate

Senator Ed Setzler is a veteran, businessman, and father of four who represents portions of Cobb and Bartow Counties in the Georgia Senate. Currently serving on the Judiciary, Health, Education, and Science & Technology committees, prior to being elected to the state Senate in 2022, Ed served for 18-years in the Georgia House of Representatives where he chaired the House Committee on Science & Technology and served as the chairman of the Judiciary Noncivil Subcommittee on General & Juvenile Law. In these committee roles, Ed has been involved in virtually every change to Georgia’s criminal code for nearly two decades and provided leadership to more than 200 laws affecting sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, the death penalty, illegal immigration, internet crime, firearms law, abortion, metal theft, criminal record restriction, animal fighting, controlled substances, anti-terrorism, search and seizure, pardons and paroles, restitution for crime victims, the impact of emerging technologies on personal privacy, and diverting nonviolent drug offenders into treatment programs instead of prison. 


Deeply committed to protecting individual liberty, in 2019, Ed authored the Living Infants Fairness & Equality Act, Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill”, recognized as the strongest pro-life law in the nation as it established for the first time since 1973 the full legal personhood of the unborn child throughout every corner of Georgia Law. 


Since first being elected, Ed has worked in challenging full-time leadership roles in the architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting industry where he has directed nationwide programs for more than 22 years. A graduate of the US Army Ranger School, Ed earned a BS in Physics from Furman University in 1992 and served as a Regular Army officer for nine years with leadership and command assignments in the United States, Europe, and the Persian Gulf. Ed and his wife Tracie, a high school teacher, are active members of the St. Stephen Orthodox Christian Church in Hiram.