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Mr. Eric Charles Lang

The Lang Legal Group LLC

The Braggy Stuff.  I’ve been practicing in Atlanta since 1990 in big firms and on my own.  The majority of my practice has focused on business disputes – both counseling on how to avoid them and taking them to trial when they can’t be avoided.  Along the way, I’ve “made law,” handled cases that have been front page news, and picked up – and prevented – some multi-million dollar results. My cases have taken me to courts (or related venues) in 24 states. 

The Reason I’m Speaking.  During all The Braggy Stuff, I was dealing with undiagnosed and untreated bipolar disorder, which culminated in some bad unethical decisions, a suicide attempt, and a two year hiatus (that’s my euphemism) from practice.  Since returning (and, thank goodness, continuing more Braggy Stuff) I’ve devoted a great team of time speaking on the issue of mental health and the practice of law.

Community. I spent 10 years coaching little league and am approaching the tenth year of coaching and then judging mock trial competition.  I’m active at Temple Sinai, where I’ve served as lay clergy and sometime teacher for many years.