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Mr. John Robert Lovell

John Lovell Esq PC

John Lovell has practiced criminal law for the last 30 years as an Assistant District Attorney in New York and Georgia (Atlanta), A Special Assistant United States Attorney assigned to the Atlanta HIDTA, and, for the last 17 years, he has devoted his work to defending persons accused of crimes in all federal courts and the state courts of Georgia.

John has the unique distinction of reversing a unanimous decision of the Georgia Supreme Court by “habeasing” his client’s case through federal district court to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals where the court agreed that the Georgia Supremes got it wrong and his client was entitled to a new trial. Among many notable cases, John has heard the jury return that lovely, two-word verdict of “Not Guilty” to murder charges in both state and federal courts. 

When not battling “The Man”, John enjoys a variety of hobbies, but his favorite is backpacking. John returned last month from an eight-day backpacking trek on the O-Circuit in Patagonia.