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Judi Cohen

Judi Cohen (she/her) is an attorney, lecturer at Berkeley Law where she teaches a course called Mindfulness for the Legal Mind, and long-time student of mindfulness and yoga. She is interested in how mindfulness can support lawyer wellbeing, help create a more just society, and facilitate a more harmonious relationship with the planet. In 2010 Judi founded Warrior One to offer mindfulness to the legal profession, and in 2015 instigated Warrior One’s bi-annual Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training, a unique training for legal professionals who are interested in deepening their own practice and learning to teach mindfulness in the profession. In 2016 Judi began the Wake Up Call for Lawyers, a 20-minute weekly live online mindfulness gathering and podcast. She is a founding board member and the current co-chair of the board of directors for the Mindfulness in Law Society, where she serves as chair of the Teachers Collective and as a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaborative. Judi is also a co-facilitator of the annual Law and Social Change Jam, a project of Yes!, which hosts an annual gathering of legal professionals exploring how to create positive personal, interpersonal, and systemic change. Judi lives on the unceded lands of the Coast Miwok and Pomo tribes in what is commonly known as Sonoma, California. She is at and here on LinkedIn, and would love to hear from you.