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Mr. Leigh Burton Finlayson

Law Office of L. Burton Finlayson, LLC

Leigh represents persons accused of federal and state offenses at the trial and appellate levels.He is a 1989 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law and a former staff attorney with the Federal Defender Program in Atlanta, GA.Prior to the Federal Defender, Leigh worked for Michael Mears & Associates in Decatur, GA, and served as a Fulton County assistant public defender. He is currently serving his fourth term as the CJA Panel Representative for the Northern District of Georgia and served previously as the Defender Services Advisory Group (DSAG) Representative for the 11th Circuit. Leigh vice-chairs the GACDL Federal Law Committee and currently serves asBoard Chair of the Federal Defender Program.Leigh is a past recipient of the Leeza Cherniak Award of the Sword,the Thomas J. Waldrop Truth and Justice Award, and a member of the NDGA Acquittal Club.