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Ms. Lynn Michele Adam

Adam Law LLC

Lynn M. Adam founded Adam Law LLCto advise healthcare providersandother organizationsoncompliance matters,internal investigations,subpoena response,privileged audits,andoverpayment inquiries. AdamLawisalsoproud torepresent whistleblowers,including many healthcareprofessionals,inqui tamactionsunder the False Claims Act.Ms. Adamalsoserves as an expert witness and speaksand writeson topics involving FalseClaims Act litigation and healthcare compliance.She is a co-author withDan Hettichof a recently published book chapter:The Role of Sub-Regulatory Guidance in Healthcare Compliance and EnforcementActions, Health Law Handbook (2022), Alice G. Gosfield, Editor, ©Thomson Reuters.Ms. Adamis a past Chair of the Health Law Section for the State Bar ofGeorgiaandparticipated in developinga newfellowship program forhealth law studentsandanewmentorship program forjuniorhealthcarelawyers.Ms.Adamis alsoapastCo-Chair of the Military LegalAssistanceProgramforthe State Bar of Georgia,where sheadvocated forveteranscourt legislation that was signed intoGeorgialawin 2014.Before formingher firm,Ms. Adamgained significant experience in healthcare litigationwith preeminent law firms in Atlanta and served asan Assistant U.S.Attorney for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia.She graduated with high honors from the George Washington UniversityLaw Schoolwhere she served as Managing Editor of The GeorgeWashington Law Review. Ms. Adamis a veteran of the United States Navy