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Martyn Daniel

Martyn Daniel LLC

Relocation Services

For 25 years, Martyn Daniel has provided business relocation planning services to several hundred displaced persons, including industrial, commercial, non-profit, mom-and-pop operations, and homeowners, while following the Federal Uniform Act.  Individual relocation costs have ranged from a few thousand dollars to $35 million.  His expert knowledge of methods for distinguishing trade fixtures (personal property) from permanent fixtures (real property) has added nearly $8M in additional relocation reimbursements for a single client.  He has supported this work in claims, negotiations, appeal hearings, mediations, and trials.


Cost to Cure and Replacement Cost Estimates

For nearly 40 years, Martyn Daniel has prepared construction preliminary designs and cost estimates. The recent 25 years have focused on developing designs and cost-to-cure estimates for partial takings of real property.  Those estimates have been as high as $1 million for right-of-way work and $1.2 billion for the current value of real property improvements. This work is typically related to eminent domain and other real property valuation needs.  He has supported this work in claims, negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and trials.


Why it Works

Martyn’s education in architecture and business, along with IRWA courses and CLE seminars related to the Uniform Act, coupled with his previous history in design/construction work of nearly 20 years as a commercial general contractor has led to his ability to provide easy-to-visualize schematic designs and exhibits along with detailed construction cost estimates for purposes of relocation, acquisition, cost-to-cure, replacement value.

Product Type
On Demand

Eminent Domain

CLE Hours: 6 including 6 General, 0 Ethics, 1 Professionalism, 3 Trial Practice

Original Program Date:
Jun 16, 2023
$225.00 - Base Price

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