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Mike Kasdan

Mike is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and received his J.D. from NYU School of Law, where he now teaches as an Adjunct Professor.  He has worked in law firms (large, mid-sized, and small), practicing IP litigation for over 20 years. Mike is presently a partner in the IP Group at Wiggin and Dana LLP in their NYC office, and has served on their diversity and pro bono committees.


For the last ten years, Mike has also been in leadership at The Good Men Project, where he has served numerous roles on both the editorial and business side, including editing and running its mental health section, and now serves as Director of Special Projects (and Sr. Sports Editor).  He has written articles, appeared on television, radio, and podcasts, developed videos and social media campaigns (#NotWeakJustHuman, #WeRageForLove), and created and led training and workshop groups focused on mental health for over a decade. 


Most recently, Mike has married his interests in mental health advocacy and the legal industry under the umbrella of Lawyering While Human, which he founded in 2022. In this regard, he also serves on the Communications Committee of The Institute for Well-Being In Law. His own personal experience with depression, while working as a practicing lawyer, has given him some unique insights, and he is happy to have this opportunity to share his perspective and what he has learned with others in the field.


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Twitter: @law_while_human (Lawyering While Human)

Instagram: @zen.mayhem (Lawyering While Human)

LinkedIn: Lawyering While HumanMike Kasdan

Facebook Group: Zen Mayhem: Lawyering While Human