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Ted Liberty


‘Liberty MIND Center’

Dr. Ted Liberty, PhD, JD


Legal and other professionals are at a markedly increased risk of mental health and other concerns.  They often face unique stresses, including the push to perform at a high level, client and firm demands, career fit, conflictual relationships and financial or family pressures.  They also guard their confidentiality judiciously to protect their professional standing which, unfortunately, keeps them from seeking the help they need.


Dr. Liberty’s theoretical approach blends various therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral, to address each patient’s needs. By focusing on the importance of the therapeutic relationship, he provides a supportive, interactive environment in which growth and change can occur.  With compassion and understanding, he works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.


Reduce the impact of negative mental health in the legal profession, and improve the quality of life of each individual. Deliver expert, trusted solutions while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.



Dr. Liberty has provided psychotherapy services and executive consulting for over 30 years. PhD Clinical Psychology; Doctor of Jurisprudence; Florida Psychology Fellow, Licensed Psychotherapist, International Council Psychologist and World Council Board Certified Psychotherapist. 
Dr. Liberty is also a Georgia Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Collaborative Law practitioner. His Conflict Resolution experience covers a wide range of subjects area including family and divorce, business, employment relations and community matters. 
Dr. Liberty helps lawyers, doctors and other professionals in high pressured careers learn how to manage depression, stress, and anxiety, enabling them to experience life more fully. He also assists professionals in creating more positive and fulfilling work-life balances.
Dr.  Liberty is a member of The American Psychological Association, American Bar Association, International Council of Psychologists, World Council for Psychotherapy, American Academy of Clinical Psychology, American PsychoPathological Association.

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Secrets to a Successful Plaintiff's Personal Injury Practice

CLE Hours: 6 including 6 General, 1 Ethics, 0 Professionalism, 4 Trial Practice

Ethics |  Trial Practice
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Sep 07, 2023
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