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Lawyers: How to Set and Honor Boundaries...A Path to Wellness

CLE Hours: 3 including 3 General, 0 Ethics, 0 Professionalism, 0 Trial Practice

Savannah Convention Center - Savannah, Georgia



Speakers, session times and credit hours are subject to change.


Lawyers: How to Set and Honor Boundaries . . . a Path to Wellness

June 8, 2023

2:00 p.m. – 5:25 p.m.

Savannah Convention Center


1:00       In-person registration opens                                           


2:00       Introduction

               Julia D. Neighbors, ICLE Director, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, GA


2:05       Welcome and Program Overview

               R. Javoyne Hicks, Chair, Attorney Wellness Committee, Stone Mountain, GA


2:15       Lawyers: How to Set and Honor Boundaries . . . a Path to Wellness

               Tara R. Simkins, Soul Shine Labs, North Augusta, SC


3:45       Break


3:55       Lawyers: How to Set and Honor Boundaries . . . a Path to Wellness (Resume)         

               Tara R. Simkins


5:25       Adjourn


Hosted by the Attorney Wellness Committee



Teach a lawyer to set boundaries, and you teach her a skill set that will enable her to live well for a life time. 


The problem is that setting and holding real boundaries is challenging for lawyers at every level. 


Lawyers want to please their clients, their partners, judges, juries, and the list goes on and on. 


Lawyers don’t want to appear unavailable for fear they will lose their clients and their jobs. 


Lawyers work in a culture where technology has eroded the physical boundaries that previously allowed them to go home at the end of the day and enjoy their evenings without having to be available. 


The challenge for lawyers is how to actually set boundaries which work. 


In this CLE, Georgia lawyers will 


~ learn what a boundary actually is <—- most people do not understand what a boundary actually is; 


~ learn how to set boundaries that actually work and that they can actually live with;


~ relearn what a good lawyer does and how that good lawyer behaves when his boundaries are crossed. 


~ learn how to feel the uncomfortable feelings like guilt and disappointment that are holding them back from setting boundaries. 


~ learn how to become a person who sets and enforces boundaries that support his wellness and his professional standards.





Savannah Convention Center

1 International Drive, Savannah, Georgia 31421, United States

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