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Live Event

Narcissists Among Us

CLE Hours: 6 including 6 General, 1 Ethics, 0 Professionalism, 0 Trial Practice

State Bar of Georgia - Atlanta, Georgia



  Program ChairTina Weber
8:30 Greeting
  Julia Neighbors, ICLE Director, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
8:35 Mirror, mirror, on the wall       
  • the psychological and real-world definition of narcissism
  • what narcissists think
  • 6 ways to spot a narcissist
10:05 Break 
10:20 “A Civil Action” — Narcissism outside the courtroom – (ETHICS)
  • the narcissistic lawyer
  • the narcissistic client
  • the ethical dangers each will deliver to your doorstep
11:50 Lunch 
12:20 “Liar, Liar!” Seduction in the courtroom Depositions 


  • anticipating the tricks of the narcissistic opponent
  • stepping around the traps of the narcissistic witness—lay & expert
  • more chances for ethical trauma


  • adapting proven trial techniques to deter the tricks of the narcissistic opponent at each step of the trial process
  • objecting to objections: abusive behavior in court
1:50 Break 
2:05 The Good Wife” - Narcissism in the workplace
  • neutralizing a narcissistic superior or equal
  • the special nightmare of the narcissistic subordinate
  • the last prong of the ethical trident

“They Aren’t All Bad” - What We Can Take From Them

  • Recognizing our own value to clients and to the profession

“... But He’s Got a Killer Personality” - Your Neighborhood Serial Killer Narcissists

  • by applying the 9 traits to some well known narcissists, we learn to apply them to those close to us
3:55 adjourn



Tina Weber's Profile

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Tina M. Weber is a trial attorney in solo practice in Exton, Pennsylvania. Her practice involves general civil and criminal litigation matters including personal injury, family law, Social Security Disability claims, Social Security Retirement  claims, criminal matters, contracts, estates and real estate issues. Experienced in complicated legal issues such as defending mothers accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy; active in the representation of victims of clergy abuse including providing testimony before the Codes Committee of the NY State Assembly and assisting in the prosecution of pedophiles in NY, PA and Massachusetts.

Tina is a magna cum laude graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport and received her JD from Delaware Law School of Widener University.


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