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The New Negotiating Advantage

CLE Hours: 6 including 6 General, 0 Ethics, 0 Professionalism, 0 Trial Practice

State Bar of Georgia - Atlanta, Georgia



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Ed Hatch

The New Negotiating Advantage

Winning Others Over vs. Winning Over Others


DON’T BELIEVE IT! Don’t believe for a second that being dogmatic ... even when you get your

way … is the same thing as being persuasive!



Strongly felt differences that end up in conflict initiate the intuitive path for most of us, whether in business or personal relationships – to win even at the expense of others. The road from confrontation to agreement is not the elimination of these differences. That is not even possible. So, how do you “win” the cooperation of others in an environment of such strongly felt differences? It is accomplished by mastering the negotiating principles consistent with and supported by both research and experience.

Ultimately, if people are critical to your success, you must know and master the means to win their hearts as well as their minds.  Successfully guiding your client and/or opposing counsel to agreement will only come when you can – clearly – convincingly – persuasively communicate the benefit to them … to win them over not win over them.

INTERESTING is far removed from USEFUL!  Therefore, this session is unlike any other program you have attended. It is not a listen and learn program; instead, you will – listen – learn – and do each of the following aspects.

FIRST – There Must Be TRUST

You can give advice to someone who does not trust you … they just won’t take it! Therefore, trust is the foundation of any negotiation.  In creating and maintaining that trust both the FORM and STYLE of communication is as important as the content. “I don’t know what it is, but we don’t seem to speak the same language” … is more than just an old cliché. It is evidence of a perceptible barrier in the communication that can and must be resolved before proceeding with any presentation. First you must connect – then you can convince.

Communicate To Be Understood

Most disagreements and/or conflicts are not disagreements at all – they are simply misunderstandings! ASKING the right questions, LISTENING actively, LEARNING underlying interests and motivations as well as how others process information, and applying that knowledge to LEADING them is fundamental to your success with your client, opposing counsel, anyone!

Please Understand Me

Your success in any negotiation is not so much what you say ... but HOW you say it. People are different from each other and no amount of coercing them in an effort to get them to see things your way is going to convince ... influence ... or persuade them. Understanding the “evidence procedures” used to identify the personality type you are attempting to influence and modifying your delivery style to accommodate what they want and need from you is a key to reaching agreement.

Program Highlights - you will learn...

• The 3 Negotiating Axioms that effect the outcome of every negotiation and the real world application of each

• The 3 Predictable forms of Resistance and how to overcome each

• Appropriate responses to each “critical choice point” of the “Cognitive Mind Map” leading to YES!

• Probing for and discovering underlying interests and motivations

• “Pre-Framing” Questions to redirect conflict to cooperation

• The 4 Basic Personalities and how to structure your presentation to accommodate each

• A research-based and experience proven strategy for creating and maintaining trust with your clients and/or opposition

• A 5-Step Strategy for handling and overcoming last minute objections


Program Agenda ( 6 hours)

90 minutes             

The 3 Fundamental Elements ... that affect the outcome of ALL negotiations

The 3 Predictable Forms of Resistance ... and how to overcome each


15 minute break


90 minutes             

The Cognitive Mind Map ... and the appropriate corresponding ASK —LISTEN —LEARN —LEAD Process

Moving from ... Conflict to Cooperation ... using the right questions at the right time vs. making statements

Active Listening ... 6 fundamental hints in this counter-intuitive skill




90 minutes

1st Connect Then Convince

NLP ... a strategy for determining the clients desired “form” of communication; learn to “speak the same language”

Quadrant Personality Profiling ... a strategy for determining not only the clients preferred “delivery” style of communication but also preferred negotiating style.


15 minute break


90 minutes

The “Golden Bridge” – use of the NEED – FEATURE – BENEFIT Statement to win others over vs. winning over others

5-Step Strategy – for handling and overcoming last minute “objections”



 “I hope you realize how pertinent your comments are to lawyers, who negotiate with both their own clients and their adversaries on a daily basis. Your comments were most enlightening particularly those of us who have had no previously training in psychology or human behavior



Ed Hatch's Profile

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For the past 25 years, Ed Hatch has been a regular and repeated speaker/trainer for Associations, Institutes, 5-Star Hotels, and corporate executives throughout North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Eds message of the applied dynamics of human communication has particular application to trial lawyers or transactional attorneys, where communication is the bedrock of preparation and your ability to influence is your clients’ path to justice.

Since the early 1970s, Ed has influenced others from his work counseling “at risk” teenagers in a suburban Washington, DC public school system, to his work as a top- producing salesperson, a manager of over 100 people and Senior Vice President of Sales at Fred L. Mckee Realty and as the co-owner of a real estate firm.



State Bar of Georgia

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