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Mr. Lawrence Abram Kohn

Kohn & Yager LLC

Lawrence A. “Larry” Kohn has over 25 years experience as a criminal defense attorney in Georgia. He received his undergraduate degree from Emory University. After working in the securities industry he went back to Georgia State Law School. Despite working over forty hours a week for his current partner, William Head, Larry graduated magna cum laude while simultaneously working at Mr. Head’s law firm. Larry was ranked seventh in his law school class of over 200 students. Along with his law partners, Larry is an author of the Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, the authoritative guide to DUI Practice in Georgia, used by Prosecutors, Judges, and Lawyers. He is a regular speaker to other attorneys at statewide programs on DUI issues. He has chaired several statewide DUI trial programs for Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers. He is an NHTSA-certified instructor to train law enforcement on field sobriety tests. He has tried to verdict a multitude of cases from speeding tickets, to DUI cases, to Vehicular Homicide Cases, to Sex Cases.